Frequently Asked Questions about G-STAR


– Great conference content
– More relevant meetings
– Wider, international audience
– No jetlag or travel time
– Huge cost savings
– Schedule fits around your day

NOTE: The meeting platform will go live before the event, and you will be automatically added to it and notified by email once you have registered for a ticket.


Simply the biggest games event in Korea and one of the biggest in Asia, indeed the world.

Each November anyone who’s anyone in the Asia-Pacific industry along with a solid overseas contingent from the US and Europe descend upon the beautiful beach-side town of Busan in Korea for a week of intense networking, business dealing and a little games industry fun too!

Last year the show attracted over 2,500 business delegates to the BEXCO arena.

This year you’ll be able to join in – minus the Busan beach – from your own location.

Of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are a little different this time around, even though Korea has proven to be one of the most effective in the world at dealing with the virus.

Whilst a sanitised version of the consumer event will still take place at BEXCO, the b2b side of the show has moved entirely online and will be conducted through a digital meeting system plus conference calls, talks and fringe events via videoconferencing. On the plus side, this means those who’d been unable to take part due to the travel can now join from their own home/office!

There are a host of reasons why you should attend G-STAR in general and G-STAR digitally in particular this year. Here are just a few:

  1. It’s the biggest show in one of the world’s biggest markets. South Korea is in the top five global game markets, and the entire Korean eco-system will be present.
  2. It’s the gateway to the Asia-Pacific region. It’s not just about Korea either, G-STAR has long offered a friendly entry point to the wider APAC markets of China, Japan and SEA which collectively represent the very biggest cluster in the world.
  3. It’s the most accessible show in Asia. Everyone speaks English, the organisation is immaculate and now you don’t even have to leave your desk!
  4. Connect with the right C-level people. Where some other shows put top staff in the background, at G-STAR you can connect directly with relevant decision-makers.
  5. Korea is open for business and actively want to do deals with the West. There are VERY real and VERY big business opportunities here, whether you are looking to take your game or service to new markets, are raising investment. or are looking for new content.
  6. It’s incredible value. Just $100 gets you a standard business ticket. Or you can save even more by buying a combined ticket with Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki and G-STAR together.

The b2b aspect of G-STAR takes place from November 17-21 2020.

It’s a digital event so it takes place wherever you and your computer are (for instance, in your home and office) and at a time when you are available.

The meeting system will be open 24 hours to facilitate connections in different timezones, and Korean companies will make themselves (or western-based staff) available as much as possible.

This is a games industry business show, so if you’re a developer, publisher, tool-maker, service company, media rep, investor or indeed anyone else in the industry, this is relevant for you.

This part is not for consumers, but they may be streaming/sharing aspects of the live consumer show at the official site.

  • Full meeting platform access (Live Biz Matching now includes online video meetings).
  • G-CON conference access: see recorded video talks from key international speakers about top trends.
  • Access to fringe events, such as Steel Media’s own Publisher SpeedMatch session.

All the biggest names in the Korean games space will take part, plus an incredible assortment of Indie developers too. You can also connect with leading lights from China, Japan and all across the APAC region.

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